There are many reasons to put an egg in your coffee. For some, it’s a breakfast staple. Others swear by the health benefits of the egg coffee recipe. Some people like to use eggs for cooking or as a beauty treatment ingredient and others just want something different from their usual cup of joe! We have compiled our favorite egg coffee recipe from around the world that you can try at home with your loved ones or friends!

Why Some People Put An Egg In Their Coffee?

Put an egg in your coffee for a healthy breakfast or as a sweetener! Eggs are full of protein, vitamins, and minerals that will also help you stay fuller longer. Some people swear by the health benefits of certain egg coffee recipes like Norwegian Egg Coffee which is said to have immune-boosting properties. Others just want something different from their usual cup of joe and put eggs into it for taste + texture contrast. Adventurous? Why not try Swedish Egg Coffee with extra sugar (and cinnamon if desired)!

How to Make an Americano?

Making an americano is one of the easiest things you can do in the kitchen! All you need are coffee beans and hot water. The trick is balancing your ratios so that it tastes just right for your palate. It’s a personal preference whether or not you want sugar added but we suggest adding more if you like yours sweeter! For 16 oz of water, use two tablespoons (roughly 14 grams) of finely ground coffee and adjust from there depending on how strong you would like your drink based on our recommendations.

Combine one shot cold-brewed classic Americano concentrate with six ounces filtered ice cubes + eight ounces steamed milk (to taste)

Vietnamese Egg Coffee Recipes

Take one tablespoon ground espresso beans (or finely ground regular dark roast), pour them into boiling water, let steep five minutes then stir in one beaten egg before serving over ice cubes.

Vietnamese egg coffee is a unique brewing process that was originally intended to be an “eye-opener” drink. It’s made by adding eggs, condensed milk, and sugar to the top of your French press before you add hot water. The mixture needs to rest for five minutes before being stirred and strained into cups or mugs with more ice if desired. This recipe makes one serving!

Swedish Egg Coffee Recipes

Add one tablespoon ground espresso beans (or finely ground regular dark roast) to boiling water, let steep five minutes then stir in one beaten egg before serving over ice cubes. Sprinkle cinnamon if desired.

The Swedish way of making egg coffee may seem like it would require some complicated steps but in reality, it couldn’t be easier! To make this caffeine-packed concoction all you need are two raw eggs (beaten), three tablespoons of ground dark roast, and four teaspoons of sugar (to taste). Whisk all ingredients together and add to your favorite mug.

Secret Recipes

French Press Egg Coffee Recipe

One egg, one cup of coffee grounds, three teaspoons of sugar or honey (to taste), and boiled water poured in the top before it’s allowed to steep for five minutes with a lid on top. For an extra rich flavor, you can also whisk the raw eggs before adding them into the mixture but this may cause some clumps so make sure not to stir too hard if that happens! This recipe makes one serving.

Turkish Style Egg Coffee Recipe

The Turkish take on this drink is made by combining two tablespoons of ground dark roast coffee beans with six tbsps hot milk plus then stirring in pinch cinnamon. For this recipe, you can either use a traditional Turkish coffee pot or place the ingredients in your blender and whip it up into a froth.

Moka Pot Egg Coffee Recipe

One egg, two tablespoons of ground dark roast coffee beans, one cup hot milk (or half water), sugar to taste, and four cups boiling water plus then stir until well combined before pouring through filter paper inserted on top of the device. The Moka pot is an Italian-style brewer that looks like a big stove-top espresso maker but with more room for eggs!

Traditional Swedish Egg Coffee

One egg, ground dark roast coffee beans (to taste), one cup of cold water or half milk, and two tablespoons of sugar. Mix together in a blender for 20-30 seconds then strain through a cloth to remove any egg particles leftover before topping with cinnamon powder + cream.

The traditional recipe is similar to the Norwegian Egg coffee, but with a twist. You will need strong black tea and eggs (one per person), sugar or honey, milk, full-fat cream cheese, allspice berries, or cinnamon sticks. We recommend adding a little vanilla extract and almond extract for an extra kick!

Ol’ Fashion Egg Coffee

Start by cracking an egg into your mug for each cup of coffee you want to make. Add two tablespoons of ground espresso beans to the bottom of your mug then pour boiling water over them until it’s about three-quarters up the sides of the mugs. Let that sit for five minutes before stirring with a spoon while slowly adding heaps of brown sugar – don’t worry if it looks like a raw batter at this stage! Once the coffee has cooled a little, pour some into your mug.

This is a perfect recipe for those who love egg and coffee combo. The great thing about this beverage is that it has a rich texture, sweet taste, and creamy mouthfeel while remaining light in color.

Norwegian style egg coffee recipe

Norwegian people are known to enjoy their cup of joe with an “egg shot” which turns the drink into something more like espresso in consistency but still retains some sugar from the milk if you prefer it as such (though traditionally Norwegians do not add any). It’s also worth noting that larger cups will have one or two eggs whereas smaller cups only require one so be sure to adjust accordingly.

Steps: Boil the water, crack an egg in a cup (for one person) or two eggs for more people, and whisk it with sugar. Add hot coffee to fill half of your mug then pour the beaten egg into the other side of the cup. Stir thoroughly before drinking!

Ingredients: A medium-sized bowl should do; you’ll need about 250ml/160g white sugar, 25g butter, and 300ml milk. You can also add cinnamon if desired as well as some vanilla extract but these are not necessary by any means. If you want to go all out, feel free to make this drink with condensed milk instead too – though be aware that this will result in a much sweeter taste than just milk.

The recipe I like to use is a little different, though it relies on the same basic principles as all of these other recipes. With this one, you’ll need milk and condensed milk (or evaporated milk), some sugar plus either vanilla extract or cinnamon. Add your ingredients into a pot over medium-low heat and stir until they’re combined together before taking off the stovetop. Give them another quick stir after adding in whatever flavorings you want to pair with your drink and then pour everything into two cups – just be sure that if you’re using an egg there’s enough room for both halves!

Taste Test: The egg coffee tasted better than expected but still not great overall since it didn’t taste much like coffee.

Egg coffee might be a great way to start your day if you’re looking for something different because it tastes like sweetened cocoa. The egg is the key ingredient, this makes it taste even more like chocolate than just adding milk alone would achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Raw eggs can be contaminated via the bacteria salmonella and may reason meals poisoning however this might now not be trouble within the case of egg coffee. Raw eggs are secure in coffee, as the heat of the liquid may additionally carry the temperature of the egg up sufficient to kill the bacteria - making it more secure to consume.

If your coffee is tasting only a little too bitter to suit you, you must not transfer coffees. By adding some crushed eggshells, you could neutralize a number of the acids within the espresso to produce a cup of coffee this is milder and sweeter to the taste.

It's much like everyday Vietnamese espresso, which has a layer of sweetened condensed milk at the lowest, however, instead, it is topped with a mixture of whipped egg yolks and sweetened condensed milk, which winds up tasting nearly like a meringue. I fondly describe it as something close to tiramisu in a cup.

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