A cascara latte is a coffee alternative that Starbucks has recently released. It’s made from the dried fruit of the cascara tree, which is related to the coffee plant. This means it still contains caffeine and other compounds found in regular coffee, but without any bitterness. Cascara lattes are available at Starbucks stores nationwide and online for only $3.75 for 12 ounces or $2.99 for 8 ounces – perfect if you’re looking for something different to try!

What does cascara latte really taste like?

A cascara latte is much lighter than a regular cup of coffee, with the cascara tasting slightly sweet and nutty. And even though there’s no caffeine in cascara (because it’s been extracted out), it still has all that rich flavor you love about Starbucks!

Cascara latte tastes rich and fruity, with notes of cherry and morello cherries that are light on bitterness compared to other coffees.

What’s in cascara latte?

  • The ingredients include cascara (the dried fruit), whole milk steamed heavy cream, water, sugar, and cinnamon dolce syrup – all mixed together! The cascara is sourced ethically from farmers in Peru who grow it without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Cascara is the fruit from a coffee tree, it grows in cascara trees.
  • Besides water, milk, cane sugar (or coconut syrup), and cascara extract powder made from dried cherry leaves/cherry pulp, there are no other ingredients besides espresso shots.

What is cascara latte made of?

It consists only of cascara extract, milk, sugar, and espresso shots. These ingredients are blended together to create a delicious caffeinated or decaffeinated drink that can be enjoyed hot or over ice.

What does Starbucks cascara taste like?

Starbucks cascara tastes delicious and is blended with cinnamon dolce syrup, which gives it a rich flavor.

What is cascara latte?

  • Cascara latte is made of ground cascara (the dried fruit that comes off when you harvest your coffee beans) steeped in water or milk for up to 12 hours until all the caffeine has been extracted into the liquid base. It’s then mixed with cream, sugar, and syrups before being served hot or cold! Cascara is sourced ethically from farmers who grow them without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
  • Some cascara latte recipes call for cascara bark (a form of cascara) to be steeped in hot water with milk and sugar before adding the coffee.
  • We found one Starbucks cascara latte review on yelp where someone described their experience: “I was given my regular americano but when I asked what type they said cascara because they had run out of normal coffee. It was a weird experience for me because I had never tasted cascara before, but it actually ended up tasting pretty good!”
  • The cascara latte is made from the dried fruit of coffee cherries which are mixed with hot water and sugar after being soaked in water to remove caffeine. Cascara tastes like black tea or iced green tea, no one knows what cascara exactly tastes like until they try it themselves!

Do cascara lattes have caffeine content?

A cascara latte has the same amount of caffeine as iced tea: none! This means you don’t need to worry about getting any unwanted jitters from it like some other coffee drinks would give you. Cascara contains no more than one milligram per ounce so there’s nothing to fear here.

How do I try cascara latte?

  • I tried Starbucks’ cascara latte last night on their new menu and I couldn’t resist. The cascara latte is made with cascara extract, milk, sugar, and espresso shots. These ingredients are blended together to create a delicious caffeinated or decaffeinated drink that can be enjoyed hot or over ice.
  • One thing I really loved about the cascara latte was how sweet it tasted! It’s not too overpowering but has just enough sweetness for my taste buds to enjoy. Cascara in itself is very bitter so this might be why Starbucks added some extra sugar into their lattes to counteract the bitterness of cascara tea without adding any excess calories from artificial sugars (yay!).
  • I brewed up one cascara latte at home last night after dinner and found out I love it even more than I thought. The cascara tea’s natural sweetness blends with the added sugar to create a perfect balance of flavors and it makes me feel like my house is transformed into an adorable little café in France!

Starbucks Cascara Latte Review

  • The cascara latte at Starbucks has 12 grams of sugar per serving (240 milligrams). It may not seem very healthy but when you compare this drink with other coffee drinks, cascara doesn’t stack up the too poorly-in fact, it looks pretty good on paper!
  • Lattes have been shown to have less than 20 calories which means if you are trying to stay away from sweeteners or artificial ingredients then cascara may be your best bet for that day because there are no added sugars needed. You could also try cascara in tea or a frappe!
  • Perhaps cascara has become my favorite drink so far because it tastes very similar to coffee but with less bitterness. It’s also the perfect size for me and I could see myself getting one every day if that were an option! Cascara reminds me of home, which is something not many drinks can do.
  • It may be hard to find cascara on its own without going over to Starbucks-but you should try it out once because this caffeinated beverage will make your mornings worth waking up for.

Cascara is cascara! It tastes like a less bitter version of coffee and it’s perfect for those who want caffeine but don’t need the added sugar. You can also try cascara in tea or iced frappes if you’re not into hot drinks! If you find cascara on its own, then I encourage trying it out because this drink will make your morning worth getting up for plus give that hazy feeling we all know and love. Cascara has become my favorite drink so far because it reminds me of home without needing to be brewed at home which is something many other beverages cannot do as well. Starbucks offers cascara lattes throughout their stores and they are delicious too, just with a different taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cascara's profile is greater just like tea than espresso: the fruity, floral flavor resembles hibiscus, cherry, mango, and rosehip. Odd Magic, as an example, is fizzy, subtly sweet, and has a ton of complicated flavors reminiscent of cola, lemon, black tea, and Fruit Loops.

Starbucks® Cascara Latte combines espresso with steamed milk and cascara syrup, topped with velvety foam. A sprinkle of cascara topping, made with cascara extract and cane sugar, finishes the beverage in a signature instantly line, which mirrors the inside of a coffee cherry.

A cascara latte is pretty simple: espresso, steamed milk, cascara syrup, and — in case you're ordering it at Starbucks — something referred to as cascara topping, made with sugar and espresso cherry extract. The resulting latte is barely sweet and floral, with an earthy undertone and lots of coffee taste.

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